//Planning a School Fundraising Event!

Planning a School Fundraising Event!

Planning a school fundraising event is easy!

Parents, admins, teachers are you in on the fundraising excitement at your school? Well hurry before you see it fly away!  If planning a school fundraising event is your task this year, head over to the Zoom Kite site and check out how easy your job is!

The Fundraising Mums make this look like child’s play! Check out their page on fundraising with Zoom Kites!

Allergy-Free, Green, Worry-Free

No worries about who can participate, who can’t. No worries about who will this offend! These are kites, simple, fun, enjoyable kites! We can ship in bulk so you have them on hand to sell at an event or you can take orders. It’s up to you! Run your fundraising event the way you want! You are the one in charge!

Pick a nice sunny day with some wind and organize a kite race outside! Sell the kites at the race! Get people up and participating in your fundraising event! Nothing is more enjoyable than an afternoon spent outside with the kids or even coworkers running in the sun and enjoying the wind!

Next find an open space or hit the beach and take advantage of the winds there! Organize teams and have fun! Above all have fun! When people see you having fun, they want to participate. Who doesn’t like to join a group having a great time? A good time is really contagious, so a fundraising event that looks like fun? What could be better?

Put down all the paperwork, Order your kites, head to an outside venue, make your announcements and invite family and friends at a location and let the fun unravel! Offer kite related activities at your fundraising event.

Check out Fundly for easy steps to planning a fundraising event!

Try hosting a kite race, a BBQ or a fun relay race on the beach with kites! Allow kids to choose teams and offer a kite as the prize at the end! It’s a good time to be had by all. Run a Zoom Kite fundraising event and forget about the Cadbury chocolate fundraising! Send Freddo and Carmello packing!  Let the Zoom Dragon Kite take them down!

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