There are many outdoor fundraising ideas.

Here’s our top list of outdoor fundraising ideas with Zoom Kites!  We love being outdoors and is it any wonder?   What could be more glorious than a day out in the sunshine, flying a kite?  If you enjoy the great outdoors too, then read on.

Types of Events

Hit the Beach!

The folks at My Animal Centre organised a Dog Surf-a-thon.  You could do the same or organise a Surf Competition, this is a great fundraising idea for schools. Whoever stays up the longest wins – no experienced surfers allowed!  People must pay for entry and have surfers secure pledges, e.g $20 per surfer from family or friends or any business in order to sponsor them for the surf. When the person completes the surf-a-thon successfully the person who sponsors them gets a kite.  You still make money ($11 on each $20 pledge) but the sponsorer feels as though they have got a beautiful kite to fly on the beach too.  It’s a win win!

Beach obstacle activity course.  Create a great course with obstacles (just google it, you can use tyres and all sorts of stuff you have already lying around) Make it about skill and agility and not age so everyone can enter.

  • Offer a killer winning prize by teaming up with someone who could offer a weekend away, or a product to give away.
  • Make entry into the tournament dependent upon a certain sales level, i.e. you have to sell $75.00 in kites to enter the tournament. People will reach for that goal so that they can get your fabulous winning prize.
  • Additionally, offer cash prizes as incentives for players as well as bragging rights!
  • Follow up with kite flying after the event!

Back at the Pool!

Have a pool party! Entry is the purchase of a kite for each member attending the party! Decorate in the theme of whatever charity you are fundraising for!

Events Out of Water

Organise a Field Day for adults! Entry can be had for the sale of kites or you can use the kites as incentives and prizes. Field Day events include things like sack races, three-legged races, water balloon toss and tug of war! Who says adults can’t have fun with outdoor fundraising?

We recently attended the Central Coast Kids day out and did exactly this.  Their entry gave them access to free kite flying and after the flew them, they wanted them so we raised funds for CCKDO for next years event.

Kites, Kites and More Kites!

Hold your own Kite Festival on the local beach (See our post on Kite Festivals). Teach Kite Flying with Single-Line Zoom Kites! Furthermore, have a demonstration of both Stunt Kite Flying and Power Kite Flying as well. Encourage participants to purchase a Zoom Kite to fly in the competition. Offer prizes for things like who’s kite makes it up first (by age group), who’s kite stays up the longest and who can learn to make their kite do a trick, the fastest. You get the idea! The main purpose is to have some fun with kites, fundraising outdoors and enjoy the day! If you are looking for the perfect fundraising ideas for schools, you have come to the right list.

Heading to Town!

When organising events, looking for events that draw in not only the participants but also the bystanders as well is a great way to increase your reach! Local art events, even a contest for street artists on the street, are a great way to get public participation. When the crowd joins the fun then you’ve got a hit on your hands!

Hold timed art events! Who can draw the fastest? Who can create chalk art right on the street? How about charcoal drawings that are created and auctioned off right there? These are great outdoor fundraising ideas that draw the public in to participate!


  • First, above all, make it fun!
  • Second, don’t make too many rules!
  • Lastly, make it easy!

Overall, fundraising for schools doesn’t have to be part of an event, but it sure adds another dimension for fun. Whether you are fundraising or fun raising, enjoy these ideas and expand to make them your own! Meanwhile, enjoy the day and go fly a kite!