Zoom has a lot of Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Zoom Kites offers fundraising ideas for schools that are happy, fun, healthy ways to keep kids involved in the effort. Here are some simple fundraising ideas for school that will knock their socks off!

Kite festival

Of course topping our list is kite flying with Zoom Kites! Never a dull moment when kites are at hand!


Throw a carnival!

  • Have parents come up with the prizes. They can be handmade or store bought. Remember to ask for their input!
  • Have the kids come up with the games. These should be fun, simple games made from recycled goods or household items. You can further increase student involvement by having each grade come up with multiple ideas. Then have your carnival committee vote on them to finalize three ideas (or the number of classes per grade so that each class works on one game.)
  • Ring Toss – Use recycled bottles & rings cut from PVC pipe. Use parent volunteers to help make the games.
  • Coin Toss – Create a plywood grid with tape or paint and a bulls eye center square. Tape off marks around the sides to keep people far enough away to make it a challenge. Have them take turns tossing quarters for high school, dimes for elementary school at the bulls eye. Winners get a small price.

 Photography Contest

Charge for each entry into each category.

  • Spell words in nature or architecture.
  • Photograph pets doing something funny.

4.  Foot races – Winners get a ribbon and a photo in the school paper. Not to mention, bragging rights!

Those are just a few of our ideas and of course you could always use Zoom Kites as your prizes!  Fundraising ideas for school should always be fun! Use your imagination! Get parents and kids involved.

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Keep checking our blog for future posts about fundraising ideas Australia, fundraising ideas for for kids, fundraising ideas for work, fundraising ideas for farmers, fundraising ideas for individuals! We’ve got plenty to come! Check often!