Fundraising for kids should be a fun experience!

When it comes to raising money for kid’s charities, Zoom Kites scream fun!

The Magic of Flying

With their clever designs for both boys and girls, Zoom Kites are ready to help you with your fundraising for any kids event. As a child, the thought of flying is always magical. And the same is true for adults. To control something that can fly is just amazing.

The dips, the turns, bucking against the wind, it all makes for excitement, laughter and fun.  It is not hard to see why Zoom Kites are the natural choice when it comes to fundraising for kids.


Allergy Free!

Food Free Fundraising Ideas

Food Free Fundraising Ideas

Zoom Kites are the healthy option for those seeking fundraising ideas for kids, work or really any charity. There are no food allergies to consider with Zoom Kites. No one is left out. Everyone can participate.




Healthy Fundraising Ideas

Healthy Fundraising Ideas


Zoom Kites promote a happy, healthy, active lifestyle that is important for kids as well as adults.  What is healthier than kids running, playing, jumping and having fun outdoors in the sunshine? Chocolate based fundraising leaving you a little out of sorts? That’s not an issue with Zoom Kites!  You’ll be running, jumping and enjoying the Zoom Kites along with the kids!

This is a fundraising idea like no other. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be talking about the types of school, clubs and charities that can benefit from a Zoom Kites fundraiser.

Getting Started

Have we piqued your interest? Check out our getting started form here to get more information from Zoom Kites on fundraising for.


Schools are an obvious choice to run a Zoom Kites fundraiser. Parents will love the designs because they appeal to all primary school kids. There is a good mix of designs too and they are perfect for presents. You can run an order drive at the school or if you have a school event or fete coming up you can order the kites in advance and then sell them at your event. Contact us to discuss your needs and we will customize a solution for you.

Check our blog again next week for more ideas on fundraising! We have articles coming up about fundraising for work, and fundraising for farmers!