Volunteers needed

As we all know, volunteers are the beating heart of schools and clubs Australia wide.  Without them, even your best fundraising idea can’t get off the ground.  You need then, but sometimes it is hard to convince people to put their hand up.  So what ideas do we have to get people involved?

How to Get Those Volunteers for Fundraising Events at School

Enticing volunteers for your fundraising events at school or even work is never an easy task. People have jobs, obligations and their own personal arsenal of excuses as to why they can’t do it. As an event planner, you want to express the joy and fun that come from volunteering and running events that are meant to benefit others. Here are a few ideas.

Bite sized chunks

Break down the tasks into bite sized chunks.  Eg Don’t just put up a request for ‘people to help with the disco night’.  Instead ask for ‘helpers to cook the sausage sizzle’, ‘helpers to clean up’, ‘helpers to set up’.  People like it when they have set tasks that they are doing.  They can play their day and time better.  And they usually end up staying around and helping more anyway when they see how fund it is!

Get technical

Use an app or software where people can see time slots and choose the task.  Things like signupgenius are great for this.

Make it fun

Volunteers needed for fundraising ideas

Fundraising Events at School should be fun! Your posters, flyers and sign-up sheets should all convey that message to prospective volunteers. A plain white sign-up sheet or e-mail sent to an anonymous list doesn’t do much to attract people to your cause. Your cause should be front and centre.  For example, running a fundraising event for school for a new playground? Show photos of kids playing on new equipment. Have meetings on the old playground. Talk to classes about what they want on the new playground. Have a submission contest for children to submit their best ideas then for a committee to pick one or two.

Social media

Use social media to show your parents how fun volunteering can be.  Take pictures of the meetings you have, or of people cooking those sausages or running a game stand.  Pictures tell a thousand words and people will see that it can be fun!

Keep them informed of progress

Once you have got people involved you want to keep them engaged.  Use social media and newsletters for this too.  Imagine the look on their faces when they see their ideas become a reality? Send press releases with photos to the local paper. Run stories in the school paper.


Think Outside the Proverbial Box!

The standards of chocolate, wrapping paper and other candies or cookies are still around, but we encourage you to think outside the box, box of candy that is, and come up with new ideas that everyone can participate in. Enjoy your next fundraising events at school and above all else make them fun!