Cute fundraising ideas for schools and clubs

We know what it is like as a club and school fundraiser, you’ve always got to come up with new and cute fundraising ideas!  Parents are always looking to find new ideas and great products that will also fundraise money for your cause.  We think we have the cutest range of kites available and the best thing is that they are all super easy to fly, are incredibly durable and provide hours of fun for all the family.

Our kites cute designs will appeal to everyone. But don’t just believe us!  Our friends over at Fundraising Mums have written a great article after they tested our kites so take a read of that.

So being cute is great of course, but what about the other benefits of kite flying?  They are endless.  Firstly they get kids outside!  In this age when we seem to be having a constant battle about screentime and encouraging play, our kites really hit the mark.  They are a great way to encourage kids to get outside, even on cold and windy days.  Flying a kite is addictive and kids love getting them up in the air and keeping them there.

We’ve worked really hard to make sure that our kites are really easy to fly, in fact they are designed just for kids.  They really take off by themselves in a really small amount of wind.

They are also a great size (about 1m wide) and easily pack up for flying again and again.

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