International Kite Day

International Kite Day started in Gujarat, India. Gujarat, a place which is famous for festivals.

Millions of people come to Gujarat for the International Kite Day festival each year.  Manufacturers in Gujarat begin making kites months in advance of the festival to ensure they have enough.  It’s a beautiful community spirit that designs and build the kites. The creativity is obvious. Maybe they could use a Zoom Kite or two to help them make their quota!

The kite festival is called Uttarayan in Hindi. It celebrates the day winter ends and summer begins.  It also marks joy for the coming harvest.  The kites are symbols of the Gods awakening from a long winter’s sleep.  The kites flying and dancing in the sky are considered true signs of joy.

Kite flying at one time was a sport only for the rich and the royal. Today every day people participate all over the world in the sport of kite flying. They come from all walks of life to attend this festival in Gujarat.

Celebrate Your Own Way

If you can’t travel to Gujarat for the yearly kite festival, choose another way to honour International Kite Day.  Here are some ideas.

Create your own festival! Sign up with Zoom Kites with your club or school and have a kite flying day.

Do a market stall and a local market using Zoom Kites to sell. Have your volunteers staff the stand. Lots of local markets will provide free stands to clubs and schools if they are fundraising so don’t be afraid to ask!

Make sure to order enough kites for everyone. Extra kites never hurt and can be sold later.

Kite Festivals and Travel

Maybe you like to travel and you like to fly kites? Well that’s great! At Zoom Kites, we completely understand why you love to fly kites. We love it!  Here are a few upcoming festivals to whet your appetite for travel and kites!  Follow the links to explore!

Festivals Close to Home

Adelaide International Kite Festival 20-22 April 2019

Brisbane Kite Festival Sunday, 28 April 2019

Annual Rosebud Kite Festival (2019 Dates Undetermined)

Redcliffe Kite Fest (2019 Dates Undetermined)

Festival of the Winds, Bondi Beach (2019 Dates Undetermined)

Festivals Abroad

Check out this calendar of events in various parts of the world. You can fly your kite in England, USA, France, Italy or Wales!  Keep checking as events are added all the time!  Look out for our next blog posts as we profile the kite festivals around the world.

Kite Festivals All Over the World

Take your Zoom Kite on the road with you and show us where you take it to fly! Showing us your photos of kite festivals and you flying your Zoom Kite is a great way to celebrate International Kite Day all year long!