Zoom Kites have Cadbury Chocolates school fundraising 2018 on the run!

Have you seen Zoom Kites health alternatives to Cadbury Chocolates school fundraising 2018? Walk, no run to our selections page to see what Zoom has to offer! Ban the unhealthy chocolate, nuts and what not from your fundraiser. Get the kids outside and enjoying the sunshine with Zoom Kites! Zoom Kites are a great alternative to food-based fundraising.


Free, free, free at last from allergies that is! As the Mom of a child with allergies, I can tell you its difficult for us to get excited about fundraising with stuff we can’t even have in the house let alone eat!  Zoom Kites are fantastic fun for all and they put the Cadbury Chocolates school fundraising program to shame in a heartbeat! Want to see what fun everyone’s having, check out our Facebook page!


Zoom kites are a really fun addition to any fundraiser! Zoom kites are available in bulk and they are allergy free! This helps satisfy those that want a non-food fundraiser!  Fundraising Mums is offering a special for their blog readers that is great! Check it out. See all of our Zoom Kites on Facebook!

Fundraising Ideas 2018

Kites keep way better than chocolate, so order in bulk and your customers will have instant satisfaction as they leave your sales, kite in hand!  Don’t forget to tell them that your sales won’t add on extra pounds to the hips! They will be too busy running around with the kids flying a kite and having fun! Remember Zoom Kites for your Sporting Event Fundraisers, Corporate Fundraisers as your Soar to New Heights and Community Fundraisers as you promote healthful activities for your community members and their friends and family!

Why Zoom Kites?

Zoom Kites make great Christmas stocking stuffers!

Kites make awesome party favours!

Need a quick birthday party gift? Zoom Kites to the rescue!

Zoom Kites are versatile, beautiful and no one can resist a smile when they see it flying high!

Need a team building exercise at your office? How about kite racing in teams? Now that just screams fun!

So, push away from the Cadbury Chocolates school fundraising 2018 plan and get on the way to better health! That’s right you too can enjoy a fun, healthy way to fundraise and have a great time with your family and friends! Zoom Kites is the way to go for your school fundraising activities! Still looking for a place to go fly a kite? Check out our post  about school fundraising ideas. Towards the bottom there’s a link for some of the best kite flying locations around!   https://zoomkites.com.au/school-fundraising-ideas/

You can’t miss with Zoom Kites! Call today to get in on the fun! Ban the chocolate! Ban the nuts! Allergy-free and safe for all is where it’s at!