School fundraising ideas have seen a dramatic change in 2018.

The sky’s the limit with Zoom Kites! Now your school fundraising ideas are reaching for the stars.

The days of food based fundraising are over.  Parents are looking for ideas that are inclusive and healthy and products that can be sold to everyone.  Zoom Kites launched in 2018 and they are providing a wonderful new way tp get kids outdoors and for clubs and school to fundraise for their cause.

Dinosaur kite by Zoom Kites


All too often, kids with allergies are left feeling forlorn and blue during school fundraising time. Planning a school fundraising event to please all is never easy. Some kids are allergic to chocolate, nuts or sugar, so the prospect of selling items they can’t eat or enjoy is just not fun!

Fun for All!

Everyone can enjoy a kite. Whether watching or flying, the joy is there. This unique school fundraising idea took to the sky in 2018 and schools around Australia are loving it.  It’s getting kids and families back outdoors and spending time together.

Order In Bulk!

You can order in bulk or order after you know how many you need. Either way we have you covered when it’s time to get started! Ordering in bulk allows your customers to buy on site! No waiting for delivery. How is this possible? Well, kites, unlike cookies or baked goods are easy to store, no refrigeration required. In fact they can sit in a box until you are ready to go to your school fundraising event!

With six lovable and cute designs, nothing could be easier to sell. Zoom kites virtually sell themselves!

Not Just for School Fundraising Ideas

Zoom kites are great for other fundraisers as well! Try them out for community fundraising projects, fundraising for healthy community supported activities! The possibilities are endless.  Check out our website to read all about why they are perfect for your fundraising project.

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Easy to sell fundraising ideas
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